• Trans-Continental Hustle Vinyl LP
    Item #: GQLP03
    Trans-Continental Hustle is an extraordinary 13-song powerhouse that continues Gogol Bordello’s cultural crusade to unite and celebrate unending originality against all odds. On this album, the band brings us to a new exotic destination, Brazil, where frontman and visionary Eugene Hutz took up residence two years ago. Produced by Rick Rubin, Trans-Continental Hustle is heavily informed by Hutz’s experiences living in a country rich with diversity. Double 180 gram vinyl with digital download redemption card.


    1. Pala Tute
    2. My Companjera
    3. Sun on My Side
    4. Rebellious Love
    5. Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)
    6. When Universes Collide
    7. Uma Menina
    8. Raise The Knowledge
    9. Last One Goes The Hope
    10. To Rise Above
    11. In The Meantime In Pernambuco
    12. Break The Spell
    13. Trans-Continental Hustle
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